Deschutes County Fair

Fun For You in ’22! The exhibitors guide is on line. Some of you were able to get a printed copy in the Bend Bulletin. On page 3, please note important information for dates & times for exhibit drop-off and exhibit & premium check pick-up. The exhibit & premium check pick-up are different from last...


Roundhouse Foundation 68467 Three Creek Rd, Sisters, OR
Intermediate to Advanced: must have basic spinning & know your wheel!  Workshop goal:  Make students comfortable with spinning and dyeing cotton and hemp fibers. COSWG Members Tuition: $75 (includes PayPal processing fee) Non-member Tuition: $105 (includes PayPal processing fee)  Materials fee: $40, paid first day of workshop; includes fibers, dyes, etc. and Joan’s book Beginning...
$75.00 – $105.00

COSW Guild Retreat: Nancy Hoskins Beyond Boundweave Workshop (2 ½ Days)

Wiestoria Depot (½ block North of NE 8th St. & Revere intersection) 805 Wiest Way, Bend, OR
Beautiful boundweave structures– from the simple to the complex — will be our inspiration as we cover theory, technique, and the basics of weaving weft-faced patterns.   We’ll explore the functional and decorative possibilities of boundwoven cloth for clothing, rugs, and art fabrics.  In a content-filled and friendly workshop you will discover how to draft, design,...
$75.00 – $105.00

COSW Guild Retreat: Patty Huffer – Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom Workshop

Wiestoria Depot (½ block North of NE 8th St. & Revere intersection) 805 Wiest Way, Bend, OR
The Rigid Heddle loom can be an inventive and inspirational loom to weave on. Learning the basics, you can start to see the versatility of this little workhorse. In this class, you will learn the basics of weaving on a Rigid Heddle loom. From how to warp it, with help from a warping board so...
$50.00 – $80.00

Patty Huffer: Rigid Heddle Workshop Weaving Krokbragd with Two Heddles Workshop (1 ½ days)

Mary Anna's Garage 1026 NE Revere Ave., Bend, OR
Krokbragd, a word meaning “crooked path” is a weft faced weave that can be used for rugs, table runners, place mats, potholders, and mug rugs, just to name a few. In this one-and-a-half-day workshop you will learn how to warp your rigid heddle loom with two heddles. Setting up and manipulating two heddles will be...
$45.00 – $75.00