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January 4, 2023

COSWG Board Members 2023

The board of directors is made up of the following elected officers and volunteers.

Elected Officers



President Bobbie Faust 2022-2023
President-elect Perry Drevo 2023-2024
Treasurer Teri Wise 2022-2023
Secretary Patty Lieuallen 2022-2023
Outreach Coordinator Donna Wilson 2023-2024
Communications Coordinator & Newsletter Editor Linda Pedersen 2023-2024
Education Coordinator Carrie Gordon 2023-2024
Education Coordinator-Elect Diane Purkey 2023-2024
The following Volunteer Representatives report to the board and the guild and attend board meetings as needed.
ANWG Representative Linda Gettmann
Guild Sales & Shows Linda Gettmann
Historian Open
Librarian Mary Lefevre
Publicity Liz Douville
Scholarship Open
Show & Share Nancy Wildman
Social Media: Patty Huffer (Facebook), Lindsay Wiseman (Instagram)
Sunshine Cards: Dean Potter
Website/Directory Kathy Ketchum
WEGO Representative Catherine Cooley
Zoom Coordinator Raylene Keating

Fairs and Non-guild Shows

Crook County Fair Carrie Gordon
Deschutes County Fair Karen Dodson
Fiber Market Day Colleen Franks
Jefferson County Fair Patty Lieuallen
Oregon State Fair Colleen Franks

Study Groups

Rigid Heddle Weaving Mary Anna Swinnerton
Spinning Carrie Gordon
Weaving Open